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Moving Again….

We just moved our offices at this past week, again….still waiting on cabinets and mailboxes to be put up….. it all still seems pretty misplaced. Over the past couple of months I’ve been in three offices, which goes to show just how mobile an office that deals strictly with the internet can be…..I guess I could set up office at home, at a coffee shop, just anywhere I can pick up a wireless internet signal and not miss a beat.

I have become so dependent on mobile technology….I wonder what I did with my time before my laptop, before my Blackberry, before all the social networking tools at my fingertips every day. Is all of this just clutter or giving me more time to spend on things that matter most… my time in God’s Word – I have that on my phone, of course. Does it give me time with the fam – we instant message and text throughout the day? If I’m looking for an answer to a question I Google it or check on Wikipedia and can get more answers that I would ever need. I no longer have the need for cookbooks because every cupcake recipe imaginable is a mouse click away.

Image by ‘salona c’ from the Flickr Creative Commons

My prayer is that as full as my life gets with the technology that makes my mind race faster and faster that I keep in check the time spent with God. I pray that I just don’t take the time for a quick IM here and there throughout the day and that be enough…..but I remove some of the noise to meditate in His presence daily and learn to wait and listen for His voice and direction.

Lord, tell me your ways. Show me how to live.Psalm 25:4 (NCV)


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