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Fashionista Friday ~ Quote

Fashionista Friday Quote:

“Under pressure, men drink alcohol & invade other countries; women eat cupcakes & go shopping.”


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Trying out the Yoga Thing…

As you know, I have become a fitness fanatic. After a health scare for my Michael a little over a year ago we signed up for a gym membership…and both are hooked for life, hanging at the gym 4-5 times a week.

I hate to sweat, yes I said it, I hate to sweat. Sweating while working out…not my favorite. But it is all part of the program, right? So I do it. The women’s locker room…not my favorite – enough said.

The trick to wanting to go to work out is the right outfit. I’ll tell every girl out there – if you want to get motivated about working out, go shopping for something fun to wear. To compensate for all the sweatiness – body spray – Victoria Secret’s Love Spell, and yes, all the jewelry. I’ve gotta bling.

I start with a few laps around the track, and move to machines, and then to the elliptical and change it up several times a week for a total fitness program.

I tried the kickboxing thing a few weeks ago…and I’m sure everyone there was laughing. I am such a girl – an uncoordinated girl, at that. So maybe that’s not the fitness route for me, not sure.

Image by ‘Domestictime' from the Flickr Creative Commons

On National Yoga day, January 23rd, I took a one-time Yoga class at my gym. I have to say, I thought I was in shape…but after this 2 hour twisting, turning, and stretching in ways that I didn’t know I could I came home sore in places…well I was sore! Before the class, of course, there was a shopping trip – I had to have the perfect mat and yoga outfit. Marshalls and TJMaxx are awesome places to get great deals on fitness fashion for a fraction of the cost of the athletic stores. My mat received a lot of comments as I arrived and set up to start the class – it’s black with leopard – awesome! Yes, got the yoga pants and great matching top long enough to stay in place with all the moves – and it had to match my yoga mat.

I think most “Yoga People” are much more earthy, recycling people…in which I’m not but I think the change of pace will be fun. And the mediation thing, well, I’ll just meditate on Jesus. After all, He is the great stress reliever.

I signed up for an 8 week Yoga class that starts this evening…and I’ll let you know how it goes…looking forward to the adventure!

If I could only find a yoga class for my dogs?!

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