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One Baby’s Impact on the World


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How Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas

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Fashionista Friday ~ Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitation?

What will I wear?!

Last year, yes I rummaged through the thrift stores to find an ugly fleece snowman thing. I do have to say I wore a fab scarf and a great lace cami that showed out the bottom with some Rock Revival Jeans and a pair or Jessica Simpson boots 

…so although my sweater was ugly …my Michael said it didn’t qualify because I tried to hard to make it cute.

So what about this year? What are you wearing to your UGLY Christmas Sweater Party?

Again …I have a great idea …it’s Ugly …but not so much …Check it out:

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Fashionista Friday ~ Apron

A Fabulous APRON!

It’s Fashionista Friday …and I’m thinking this would make a FABULOUS Christmas gift for someone…


Luv, Luv, Luv this Apron …it just screams “CUPCAKE FASHIONISTA”

…just in case you’re looking for something on my wish list or for yours ~ you can find it here… CUPCAKE APRON.

…and here’s another great site for great apron ideas:

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The Christmas Story …My Favorite

There are tons of Christmas Story videos flying around in cyberspace this year…

…but this one is, by far, my favorite!

It’s definitely worth a little minute of your time to watch …and yes, it will make you smile!

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You Ain’t Nothin But a Wise Guy…

You Ain’t Nothin But a Wise Guy…

You can just hear me singing that in the Elvis voice ~ can’t you…

Ok, maybe not! 

But if you don’t think we have any fun at the Big Mecca we call The Assemblies of God Headquarters …or whatever we’re calling it these days.

…well you are so WRONG!

This is FUN! You’ve gotta watch!

We have this fabulous nativity set up at HQ!

…oh, did I say FABULOUS?

I meant CREEPY life-size nativity. Seriously …it’s creepy.

The characters are scary cavemen looking life-size manikans. Yes, it looks like we’re doing a Geiko commercial! At least this year Mary has on white and blue …last year she was the woman in Red …yes, that’s right Red!

Well, the camel is pretty awesome, though!

Dan Morrison, one of our CRAZY co-workers here at the A/G (who is always just about the first to show up for one of my cupcakes when I am sharing here at work, by the way) changed into one of the wise man costumes right as other employees were heading into the cafe for lunch…


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