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Fashionista Friday

It’s Fashionista Friday!

…and yes I do say TGIF – oh how I need a vacation!

TODAY my fav baby fashionista is coming to see me for the weekend, and bringing her BIG Brother! (My 2 fav little people in the World!  She’s all decked out in her PINK for Breast Cancer awareness!

It’s my daughter’s BIG Bachelorette Party is this weekend

…and you’re right I don’t even want to know!

What happens in Springfield ~ Stays in Springfield …right

Count down to the Wedding Date: 15 Days


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Wedding Proposal!

Wedding Proposal Gone Viral

As you all you I am planning my daughter’s wedding!

and it is coming up FAST!

She has her bridal shower this weekend …so exciting!

…and yes, there will be Cupcakes.

the countdown to becoming Mrs. Seth England = 22 Days!

…as my mind is on all things Weddings. I saw on the news this morning this awesome marriage proposal that has gone viral! How fun us this?!

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Happy Birthday

Where did the time go?

…wasn’t it just last week that I was bringing her home from the hospital?

Today she turns 21

Michiala Sade Redmon, Born July 17, 1989, 7:35 AM

It’s definitely an adventure

It’s been drama

…come along and see what I mean:

Napping with Daddy - her fav

1st Birthday

All her babies

She's Gotta Dance

...and dance

Beautiful Girl

Disney Princesses

The Nativity would never be the same!

1st Missions Trip

Cheer - Hawks

Camp Besties



Poms ~ HipHop

Kickapoo Poms



Grad with Grandpa & Grandma

SAGU Cheer

Wolfpack Cheer

…and now

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25 Years

25 Years ago I married the love of my life.

…my soulmate.

…my best friend.

…the ONE.

We vowed things to each other that at the time I don’t know if we really understood the full meaning to.

…just as “in health and other circumstances”

we’ve been through plenty of health issues …I’ve lost count of Michael’s surgery …and his heart attacks …and well, I’m not even gonna mention the others.

…and the other circumstances …does that include the ups and downs of the ministry

…or maybe the rollercoaster experiences of being a parent?

I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

We have our moments, of course  – it’s not always been sunshine and roses – as with any family.

…but through the years our love has grown deeper and wider …as we have grown closer to God. He is our strength. He is our bond.

Today, I love my Michael more than ever before.

…and I am looking forward to adventure of the next 25 years together!

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Embrace Life

Powerful Message ~ Must See

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Fashionista Friday ~ Fashionista Baby

We have a new little fashionista in our family!

…and yes, she is the most fabulous little baby girl in the entire universe!

Already a little diva…and definitely a major fashionista!

Baby Reese was so small the first Sunday she went to church that she wore a beautiful brushed silk ivory baby doll dress. She is always dressed in lace and bows and plenty of jewelry because you’re never to young to bling! Oh…and lots of PINK!

Her momma loves to put her in bows, bows, bows…the bigger the better…and her Aunt Robyn agrees…I love over the top fashions on little girls!

Thought I just had to share a few picts of our little fashionista…this little Reese…this little great neice of mine. She has an awesome big brother, Mason, who is always stylin in his own manner and he loves his baby sister…and his Aunt Robyn. 

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Fashionista Friday ~ Easter Shoes

It’s Fashionista Friday!

Easter shoes…love, love, love to get a shiny new pair for the occasion! Of course, I love to get a new pair for any occasion – Groundhog Day, Flag Day, National Pancake Day. If you’re a shoe girl like me, you know what I’m talking about. Put out a sign that says “Shoe Sale” and I’m there in a flash!

When my daughter was little I loved to dress her in her Martha Miniature dress with the little bell…and, of course, the huge puffy Martha Miniature slip under it, with an Easter bonnet and always a new pair of shiny matching shoes! So cute. Ok, she still likes a new Easter dress and shoes…just a little more toned down these days. I always dressed her over the top…what can I say?!

What is it about new shoes that make us walk with our head held higher on that first wear?

Image by 'Yan-Boechat' from the Flickr Creative Commons

But some children of no shoes at all.

Which just makes for an entire sad situation when I look in my closet and see boxes stacked high, a pair for every need…and some that I don’t even have an outfit to go with yet – like the kickin’ Ralph Lauren ivory snakeskin platform pumps that I got at a recent 75% off sale ~ a little bit of awesomeness!

This Easter you can participate in Barefoot Sunday and share God’s message of Hope.

In the past you may have seen Coaches Without Shoes – as basketball coaches across the country coached their games barefoot to raise awareness and monies to put shoes on children’s feet through the Samaritan’s Feet organization.

Easter Sunday, April 4th, is Barefoot Sunday. Samaritan’s Feet is asking pastors from across the country to preach barefoot to raise awareness of the 300 million people who cannot afford even one pair of shoes to protect their feet from disease or infection.

Image by ‘Jean-Sien Kin' from the Flickr Creative Commons

This non-profit organization that brings hope around the world is also asking the each congregation take up an offering –  just $10.00 will purchase, ship, and distribute a pair of shoes to a child in need.

You may also text “shoes” to 85944 and $10.00 will be added to your cell phone bill at the end of the month which buys a pair of shoes for a child in need.

So this Easter instead of going out and purchasing new shoes for the fam…

 …why not just get the old pair out and polish them up… and give a little bit of awesomeness to a child who has none.

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Meet My Babies

I have 2 babies in my life, Sade and Brandy. Both adopted from animal shelters. I am a sucker for a wet nose and puppy breath…what can I say?

My family won’t let me go to Petsmart on Saturday’s anymore because you can’t drag me away…all those puppies set up out front from the shelters, abandoned and needing a home. A secret dream of mine – a huge farm in the country where I could give homes to all the abandoned dogs that come along. I think that’s my Michael’s secret nightmare.

Understatement: my dogs are spoiled. They have a plush life for sure. Example: we took our ’09 vacation at a resort in Hilton Head that caters to dogs…yes, I did say that – the babies went swimming in the ocean every day and what fun they had! Except ocean water and dogs don’t always mix – you don’t even want to know, believe me! “Poor Brandy” is all I can say.

Michael and the babies at the beach

We were watching the news one evening and the anchor was holding the most precious puppy I ever saw…the story that went with her was heartbreaking. She was found in a garbage dumpster in a box, thrown away like a piece of trash. She captured my heart. The next morning we were waiting at the shelter when it opened to pick her up. She was the naughtiest puppy in the world. She flunked out of puppy school and they asked me not to bring her back to the follow up class. She ate everything in sight, rocks, sticks, dryer sheets, and windowsills, everything she could get her teeth on. Brandy, our baby lab walked into her life and everything changed…she is now the world’s best behaved dog. It just took her having her need to be a mother fulfilled.

Sade, the naughty little puppy

When Sade was 2 years old I stopped by Petsmart with the fam…and there she was, the tiniest most pitiful little black lab packed in a crate with all of her brothers and sisters. She had soars all over her body and her coat was patchy. She was the most pitiful little sweetheart that I had ever seen. The entire litter of puppies had been left on someone’s porch in a garbage bag. That day we walked away with her in our arms and nursed her back to health. When we walked in the door Sade took over as mom. She actually immediately went to her food bowl, picked up some food and dropped it in front of Brandy for her to eat. She had found her purpose in life, her very own puppy. Sade house trained Brandy within 2 days and had her going in and out of the doggy door within the week.

Brandy, the precious little puppy

My babies bring me joy and lots of love and kisses. They are a little crazy, and Brandy is a little slow. I mean, she walks around with a big pink blankey in her mouth 24/7. When Sade runs after the birds outside, Brandy runs after Sade shaking that pink blankey – totally craziness.

One person’s garbage is another’s very special treasures.

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