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Wordless Wednesday ~ Beginnings: Christian Louboutin

Wordless Wednesday

Christian Louboutin


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Wear LOVE…

It’s Fashionista Friday ~ What Are You Wearing?

…regardless of what else you put on, wear LOVE. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it. Colossians 3:14 MSG


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Fashionista Friday ~ Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitation?

What will I wear?!

Last year, yes I rummaged through the thrift stores to find an ugly fleece snowman thing. I do have to say I wore a fab scarf and a great lace cami that showed out the bottom with some Rock Revival Jeans and a pair or Jessica Simpson boots 

…so although my sweater was ugly …my Michael said it didn’t qualify because I tried to hard to make it cute.

So what about this year? What are you wearing to your UGLY Christmas Sweater Party?

Again …I have a great idea …it’s Ugly …but not so much …Check it out:

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Fashionista Friday ~ Winter 2011 Boots and Shoes

Winter 2011 Boots and Shoes

OMG is this the year for fabulous Winter Boots and Shoes for the Fashionista

Clunky, Chunky to Sleek and stiletto …this is the season.

Pair an ankle boot with a thick sock or a leg warmer and a pair of leggings and you will be the talk of the party!

I mean who wants to blend in …so go BOLD with your shoe picks this season and have some FUN!

The Wizard of Oz is really just a cautionary tale about the lengths a woman will go to for the right shoes

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Fashionista Friday ~ Apron

A Fabulous APRON!

It’s Fashionista Friday …and I’m thinking this would make a FABULOUS Christmas gift for someone…


Luv, Luv, Luv this Apron …it just screams “CUPCAKE FASHIONISTA”

…just in case you’re looking for something on my wish list or for yours ~ you can find it here… CUPCAKE APRON.

…and here’s another great site for great apron ideas:

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Wordless Wednesday ~ H&M Fall 2011 Style Trends

Wordless Wednesday ~ H&M Fall 2011 Style Trends

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Fashionista Friday

It’s Fashionista Friday!

…and yes I do say TGIF – oh how I need a vacation!

TODAY my fav baby fashionista is coming to see me for the weekend, and bringing her BIG Brother! (My 2 fav little people in the World!  She’s all decked out in her PINK for Breast Cancer awareness!

It’s my daughter’s BIG Bachelorette Party is this weekend

…and you’re right I don’t even want to know!

What happens in Springfield ~ Stays in Springfield …right

Count down to the Wedding Date: 15 Days

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Fashionista Friday ~ The Wedding Dress


I’m thinking with my daughter’s wedding less than a month away my Fashionista Friday’s will probably be tainted toward ALL THINGS WEDDING.

Right now I eat, drink, and sleep = WEDDING

Because …you know IT has to be PERFECT!

…The EVENT of the Year!

As I’ve always said to all my brides …the wedding day is about TWO things:

The DRESS and the CAKE!

…I’m not giving any secrets away about the Dress …but I can assure you …it’s none of these

…just sayin

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Fashionista Friday ~ Quote

Fashionista Friday Quote:

“Under pressure, men drink alcohol & invade other countries; women eat cupcakes & go shopping.”

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What is it about a Slammin Pair of Shoes

What is it about a Slammin Pair of Shoes?!

…just makes my day.

I fell in love when these shoes showed up at my local Dillards store. Well I pretty much love, love, love anything Vince Camuto …I knew I had to have these.

and yes, this fashionista always waits til the extra 40% off sale because they are a little pricey.

So at the end of the season extra $$ off – BAM – they were mine!

I had to wait for cooler weather because when I bought them it was the sandals and flip-flops time of year.

It was chilly this AM – so I slipped them on …and yes, I am stepping high in this slammin pair of shoes!

“Funny that a pair of really nice shoes make us feel good in our heads – at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.” ~L. Waters

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