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Today is: One Day Without Shoes ~ April 5, 2011

Shoes …for me that just about says it all in my fashionista world! I love SHOES! I love shopping for them! I love finding that bargain! I love love love boots and a the huge sale Dillard’s has once a year on shoes/boots with an extra 50% off.  I am totally in love with a pair of Christian Louboutin Bianca Platform shoes that I know I can’t afford and probably will never own.

…it’s almost embarrassing how many shoes I have. You notice I said “Almost”

For me to think of a child with no shoes just makes we want to cry. Those precious little bare feet in a third world country, getting cracked, cut, bruised, diseased.

…how do they run and play and jump and dance? This makes me sad.

…but One Day!

My friend, Trevor, recently went to do a shoe drop with the organization Tom’s Shoes …and he said it was pretty life changing …not just for the kids …but mostly for him. What a humbling experience to fit all those little feet with a brand new pair of shoes. Yep Tom’s Shoes totally rocks! What a vision that started small and went viral for the cause of helping others. (Applause, Applause!)

I love the concept – Purchase a pair of Tom’s Shoes …and a pair of shoes will be provided to a child in need.

Over the past several years organizations have caught on and taking on the cause of One Day Without Shoes. Entire companies conducting business with no shoes. Coaches coaching basketball games without shoes. Going to and from work, walking the streets, to find out just what a single day of an unprotected foot can feel like.

Will you go One Day Without Shoes to help raise awareness?!

Go Get a Pedi so those toes look fab …and not callouses showing …I mean we are fashionista’s you know!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

A Pair of Shoes Can Change Your life ~ Just ask Cinderella


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