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Fashionista Friday ~ Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Merry Christmas from the Redmon's the Ugly Christmas Sweaters ...back in the day

Nothing Says Merry Christmas

…Like an UGLY Christmas Sweater!

What? I got rid of all of mine by the time Y2K Hit. I mean back in the 80’s-90’s I had them all! …and they all had HUGE shoulder pads of course. (I still love those HUGE shoulder pads – I’ve kept them hidden in my closet and am praying for their return to the fashion world!)

…and yes I dressed my daughter in them as well! We just had to be a festive family …just sayin

Those sweater’s have LONG since made their way to the Goodwill Store.

…and now I find they are back and hotter than ever (of course, they’re hot ~ they’re sweaters! *Zing*)

…who would have thought?

Yes, I’m going to one of those UGLY Christmas Sweater Parties …what to do? …what to wear?

I was walking through Dillards on Black Friday …and yes, there were racks of horrific holiday wear displayed! …yes, Dillards. The place where I buy BCBG, and Guess Shoes, and Coach Purses …is offering Ugly Holiday Sweaters this season.

You can also find AWESOME Christmas Sweaters on, Ebay, and Amazon …they are everywhere these days!

…will I pay the retail price …or try out a smelly thrift store to possibly buy back my festive wear?

I have a fashionista dilemma on my hands for sure.

…are you going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party this holiday season?


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