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Fashionista Friday ~ NAUTICAL

If you can’t go to the ocean this spring…your outfit can!


For fun fad play clothes there is no need to pay big $$ for a great look. Forever 21 is a great store to pay little $$ for a fresh look that may come and go quickly…add a piece here or there to update your wardrobe to make it little more “fad” friendly.

…just writing through this blog – I thought of items in my closet that I can throw together for a fresh as the ocean breeze nautical look! All with items I haven’t worn together before…you know I’ll be dressed to ride the high seas one day at work next week! A white/black nautical jacket, a little black skirt, wide-striped t-shirt, little red belt, some big chunky jewelry…and I’m good to go!

Try not to go for the Popeye the Sailor man look – but fun, funky, and trendy day on the water fun. Adding gold buttons to a vintage jacket can be an inexpensive way to help you achieve the nautical look. A white rope belt and anchor necklace may help you rock the boat without going overboard.

Remember…it doesn’t have to be all red, white, and blue…but it may be fun to include some stripes to get you ready for the high seas!


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