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To Twitter or Not to Twitter….That is the ?

I’m definitely right in the middle of the Twitter craze, tweeting and retweeting about everything from my baking and cake design, to working out, to what’s happening on American Idol, to my walk with the Lord. It’s crazy how many people across the country that I can network with that otherwise I would have no interaction with at all. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, sometimes educational – love it!

Image by ‘Monkeyworks Illustration' from the Flickr Creative Commons

It would be totally great if you to follow me on Twitter –

But what about using Twitter in church? As for me, I love the idea of real time interaction with what’s going on in the service…..just another tool to making the service personal for individuals participating.

Check out this article Thumb Wars….great insight on how Twitter is being used in churches across the country.


March 1, 2010 - Posted by | Random

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